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  • Paul Salazar

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Law office technologies

Over the past few years, the role that technology plays in the framework of legal services has changed beyond the basic use of computers into a form that is more widespread and critical to the delivery of legal services. Advances in technology have changed the way information is accessed, delivered and communicated. Many legal firms have recognised the need to identify, select and implement an IT strategy that aligns their business with their clients. Legal practitioners have had to utilize technology in order to remain compliant and competitive in their industry.

This track aims to discuss issues such as long-term archiving of electronic documents, electronic signatures, collaboration tools, management of costs, law firm IT and Business Continuity infrastructure, mobile services, Case and Workflow management systems, hosted solutions to the legal sector (cloud services), digital dictation software, document comparison capabilities, secure document management, online legal information systems and case law directory services, Online Dispute Resolution, and the impact of social media technologies.


This track is a must for all legal practitioners that want to understand the latest developments in legal technology and how those technologies can be effectively used to provide efficient, transparent, secure, and competive services.


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