LawTech Europe Congress 2013 Prague 21st-22nd October 2013- Hands-on training and lab sessions -

  • Paul Salazar

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Hands-on training and lab sessions

At LTEC we provide the unique opportunity for delegates to experience instructor-led hands-on training on the latest forensics and ediscovery techniques. These sessions help to bridge the wide gap between IT, compliance, and legal teams. They also help delegates to preview the latest technology and services from leading providers.

The training sessions present practical walk-throughs for computer and mobile forensics, network forensics, and dispute resolution support. These sessions will walk you through the whole evidence acquisition process including; identification, collection, imaging, extraction, processing, analysis, review, and production. The sessions will also explore the challenges that can be encountered with different forms of evidence media, including hard drives, mobile phones, and other electronic data storage devices.

Those that would find these hands-on sessions most useful would be law enforcement, forensics personnel, lawyers and litigation support professionals, compliance officials, court experts, incidence response team members, risk managers, and information security professionals. After participating, you will leave with the skills that will enable you to perform a legally-admissible and defensible forensics investigation.



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